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Seward, Alaska Bed and Breakfasts

July 16, 2010

Seward, Alaska Bed and Breakfasts: As I've mentioned recently, I've probably spent at least 3-4 weeks of my life in Seward, Alaska, and I love this quaint little fishing town.

While I've stayed in Seward very often, and I may move there this fall, I haven't stayed in a Bed and Breakfast in Seward yet, but as I was going through my notes, I found that I have compiled a list of Seward Bed and Breakfasts that I haven't shared out here yet.

So, in an effort to share this information, here is a little of Seward, Alaska Bed and Breakfasts (B&B's), including phone numbers and map locations, where available.

Seward, Alaska Bed and Breakfasts

Name Address 1 City Phone
A Fern Gully Forest Retreat 13434 Cherrywood Drive (map) Seward 907-224-8907
A Steller B&B 11952 Old Exit Glacier Road (map) Seward 907-224-7294
Adams Street Bed & Breakfast 611 Adam Street (map) Seward 907-224-8879
Alaska Glacier Creek Lodging 33502 Vinewood Lane (map) Seward 907-362-1584
Alaska Sportsmens Club 32936 Myrtlewood Circle (map) Seward 907-321-8886
Alaska's Otter House B&B 319 Ballaine Blvd (map) Seward 907-351-9138
Alaska's Point of View B&B 513 3rd Avenue (map) Seward 907-224-2424
Alaska's Stoney Creek Inn 33422 Stoney Creek Avenue (map) Seward 907-224-3940
Alaska's Treehouse B&B 14593 Rain Forest Circle (map) Seward 907-224-3867
Arctic Paradise B&B and Stained Glass 515 6th Avenue (map) Seward 907-224-5898
Ballaine House Lodging 437 3rd Avenue (map) Seward 907-224-2362
Bay Vista B&B 2000 Phoenix Road (map) Seward 907-224-5880
Bear Lake Lodgings B&B 33820 Bear Lake Road (map) Seward 907-224-2288
Bear Paw Lodge 10411 Bear Paw Drive (map) Seward 907-224-3960
Bear Ridge B&B 1901 Dora Way (map) Seward 907-224-4737
Bear's Den B&B 221 Bear Drive (map) Seward 907-224-3788
Bell in the Woods B&B 13881 Bruno Road (map) Seward 907-224-7271
Benson B&B 209 Benson (map) Seward 907-224-5290
Berry Patch B & B 14247 Victor Drive (map) Seward 907-491-0164
Brass Lantern B & B 331 2nd Avenue (map) Seward 907-224-3419
Camai House B&B 2503 Cedar Street (map) Seward 907-224-3222
Che'nai Charters & B&B 200 Marathon Drive (map) Seward 907-224-8766
Falls Inn B&B 1103 2nd Street (map) Seward 907-224-5790
Farm B&B Inn 11828 Salmon Creek Road (map) Seward 907-224-5691
Harmony Bed & Breakfast 2411 Spruce Street (map) Seward 907-224-3661
Kim's Forest B & B 33780 Bear Lake Road (map) Seward 907-224-7632
Le Barn Appetit 11786 Old Exit Glacier Road (map) Seward 907-224-8706
Linda Lou's B&B 2409 Elm (map) Seward 907-224-5502
Log Dreamin' B&B 11694 Willow Drive (map) Seward 907-224-5410
Northern Nights B&B 225 6th Avenue (map) Seward 907-224-5688
Perpetual Kettle B&B 13296 Bruno Road (map) Seward 907-491-1527
Rose & Moss-An English Lodge 12286 Lancelot Drive (map) Seward 907-224-3411
Seward Waterfront Lodging 550 Railway Avenue (map) Seward 907-224-5563
Soo's B&B 810 2nd Avenue (map) Seward 907224-3207
Sourdough Sunrise B&B Mile .2 Old Exit Glacier Road (map) Seward 907-224-3600
Wolf Trail B&B 33749 Wolf Trail Lane (map) Seward 907-224-3642

I hope this list of Seward, Alaska Bed and Breakfasts is helpful. If you find anything that is out of date, please let me know, and I'll be glad to update it.

Also, if you'd like even more Seward lodging choices, please see my Seward, Alaska lodging information page.

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