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Two people in the car now

May 26, 2007

My mood is a little better this evening, but there are definitely two people in the car now. For lack of better terms I'll call them Old Al, and New Al.

New Al says things like "You know, if someone hit my car today I wouldn't mind. As long as they don't injure me I'd walk up to them and ask how they were, exhange insurance info if they had any, pat them on the back, and go on."

Old Al says things like "Where is my #$%# hat!" when he's standing in the drizzle trying to find his hat (in the car he packed).

Today New Al let Old Al drive around and take pictures, hoping that would be enough like work to satisfy him for a while. It's like my dog I call Trouble. Whenever she got too bad I'd take her for a walk or wrestle with her a little extra to try to appease her. That usually made her better for a little while.

So I tried that w/ Old Al, let him make some phone calls, convinced him to take a lot of pictures by telling him how good they'd look on the website, that sort of thing. Around 1:30 Old Al went away and New Al was happy, but then he came back again just a little while ago (~5:30pm) after New Al relaxed outside a coffee shop for a while and watched it rain.

Well, at least we'll have company together in the car.

We'll try to get some of the pictures going here in a little while. With the overcast weather, mountains, water, and glacier I hope there are a few good ones.

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