One Man's Alaska

First evening in Seward

May 25, 2007

I now find myself in Seward, Alaska. While I was waiting at the laundromat I read this ad:

"Alaska newspaper seeks full time reporters to write about Alaska Native communities from Barrow to Ketchikan and Nome to Tok." I'm not ready to start another job yet, but I read that and thought how cool it would be to travel from one community to another and then write about the experiences.

Sourdough pancakes

The sourdough pancakes this morning were awesome! I can't believe I ordered the short stack -- what was I thinking?! OMG they were good. I just ate them w/ some butter, no syrup, and yum!

Unfortunately I'm striking out trying to find a rental here in Seward, so I'll probably be back in Anchorage in two days. The only positive there is that I'll be able to eat more pancakes.

And boo-hoo, no "bowl of 'but" (halibut) tonight(!). The bar isn't open yet. I guess I've never been here this early in the year. I found some good fish down by the harbor though, yum again!

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