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The 1964 Alaska earthquake facts

September 30, 2010

1964 Alaska Earthquake Facts: I've become really interested in Alaska earthquakes this year, as we've had four good size earthquakes I can recall. (The USGS website says we've actually had thousands, but most are too small to feel.) When I did some calculations last week and learned that the 1964 Alaska earthquake was more than one million times more powerful than the 4.9 magnitude earthquake we had recently, well, let's just say I became very interested in it.

1964 Alaska earthquake magnitude facts

As I did some research on the 1964 Alaska earthquake, these are some of the earthquake facts I dug up:

1964 Alaska earthquake damage

Here are some reports of the resulting damage from the 1964 Alaska earthquake:

Tsunamis resulting from the 1964 Alaska earthquake

Here are the facts I've been able to find about tsunamis resulting from the 1964 Alaska earthquake:

1964 Alaska earthquake resources

The following sources of information were used to gather these facts:

Also, to compare the relative power of two earthquakes as I did above, you use the "Moment magnitude scale".

I hope these 1964 Alaska earthquake facts have been interesting, and helpful.

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