One Man's Alaska

About me (Al Alexander)

September 3, 2009

This website was created by Alvin J. Alexander (Al Alexander). I first visited Alaska in 2002, again in 2004, and then made what turned out to be a temporary move to Talkeetna, Alaska for the summer of 2007, before finally moving back to Alaska in February of 2010. I currently reside in Wasilla, Alaska, but I'm looking forward to moving to a slightly smaller community, probably Palmer, Homer, Seward, Willow, or possibly even Talkeetna again.

I thought I'd share a few pictures of myself so you can have a little better idea of who I am. Here are some photos from me as a young kid, up to what I look like these days.

So far I've lived in many states, including Illinois, Kentucky, Texas, Virginia, Alabama, and of course, now Alaska. I may be a little unusual in Alaska; I'm not a hunter or a fisherman, and I'm much more into Yoga and Zen.

Hmph, I can't think of anything else to add here at the moment, other than you can find all of my technical writings at, and here's a link to my short story about living with a squirrel in a cabin in Talkeetna.

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