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Anchorage, Alaska pictures: WildRide Sled Dog Show

June 2, 2007

Anchorage, Alaska pictures: With my housing situation now under control I decided to relax and check out a new show in Anchorage called the "WildRide Sled Dog Show" today. This show is put on by the Seavey family, a famous named in the Iditarod circle.

The Seavey's have always had a great sled dog show in Seward they call the Ididaride, but this WildRide show in Anchorage is new this year.

Here are a few pictures from the WildRide show, which includes one of the dogs from the Disney movie Eight Below.

First, here's a big, lazy malamute that prefers being behind the sled instead of running in front of the sled:

A lazy dog that prefers driving to running

During one of their demonstrations they hook up a sled dog team, and before they actually run the dogs are incredibly fired up. This dog is extremely ready to start running:

A dog that is very ready to run

(During the show they explain where that pink banner comes from.)

Next, this dog is so excited it looks like he's ready to fly:

This dog is ready to run too

He reminds me of one of our huskies, named Zeus. While standing at the back door waiting to eat, Zeus could jump straight up in the air, like this dog, and the bottom of his feet were at least 30-36 inches off the ground (by the door handles).

And finally, here's a picture of the "Eight Below" dog, another big malamute:

Dog from the movie Eight Below

They showed a few neat tricks that the Eight Below dog can do, including crawling on his belly.

While this show isn't the same as their show in Seward, and there is no ride for the audience members, the show is a good time, and if you haven't seen the show in Seward, you'll learn a couple of things about sledding. After the show you get to meet all the presenters, the dogs, and even hold some future sled-dog puppies.

I hope you've enjoyed these Anchorage, Alaska pictures. For more great pictures of Anchorage -- and Seward -- just search the website using the 'search' link above.

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