One Man's Alaska

Sourdough pancakes and a trip to Seward

May 24, 2007

I'm off to eat some sourdough pancakes in downtown Anchorage, then getting on the road to Seward.

For breakfast there is a place here called "The Downtown Deli and Cafe". According to a web site, "The house special is sourdough pancakes made with starter supplied by a miner in 1939." I hope they don't taste old. :)

Seward is about 125 miles south from here, and I'm going to stay at the Van Gilder Hotel.

I don't know much about this hotel, but the reality is that it's getting hard to find hotels or B&B's with vacancies on a day's notice, so I just kind of fell into it.

I look forward to dinner tonight: "A bowl of 'but'". :) That's a bowl of halibut pieces, kind of like small chicken fingers, but halibut pieces instead.

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