One Man's Alaska

Living in Seward or Talkeetna

May 24, 2007

After a little more thinking about where to live, I've decided to start looking in Seward, which is south of here (Anchorage), and situated on the water; and Talkeetna, which is north of here, and south of Denali. Seward offers all things water-related, including kayaking, glaciers, and hiking; Talkeetna offers hiking, close proximity to Denali for more stuff, and even a local flight instructor who trains you to be a "bush pilot".

I'm torn between the two ATM, but it really depends on whether I can find a cabin or house to rent in either place. (They're both very small towns so I don't expect to find any apartment complexes in either place.)

Either way, I'm more sure than ever that I really don't want to spend this summer in a "regular" city like Anchorage, I'd like to do something more adventurous. If Seward or Talkeetna doesn't pan out, I'd rather aim for Eagle River or Wasilla.

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