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Hotels in Seward, Alaska

July 16, 2010

I've probably spent at least 3-4 weeks of my life in Seward, Alaska, and it is a lovely little fishing town (at least I think it is). I've stayed in several hotels in Seward, including the Best Western, Hotel Seward, Van Gilder, and the Breeze Inn. I'll try to add more comments about these hotels in the future, but for now, I thought I'd just share this list of Seward, Alaska hotel information.

Okay, just a few comments: The Best Western is a very nice hotel in the downtown (non-port) area, and the Windsong Lodge is a gorgeous hotel/motel on the road that leads out to the Exit Glacier. It's just slightly out of town, but you can walk along the river, which is also a wonderful view.

Getting back to my list of hotels ... in an effort to share this information, here is a list of hotels in Seward, Alaska, including phone numbers and map locations.

Hotels in Seward, Alaska

Name Address 1 City Phone
A Swan Nest Inn 504 Adams Street (map) Seward 907-224-3080
Alaska Saltwater Lodge 223 6th Avenue (map) Seward 907-224-5271
Alaska's Orca Inn 309 3rd Avenue (map) Seward 907-250-8397
Best Western Edgewater Hotel 202 5th Avenue (map) Seward 907-224-2700
Harborview Inn 804 3rd Avenue (map) Seward 907-224-3217
Holiday Inn Seward Harbor Hotel 1412 4th Avenue (map) Seward 907-224-2550
877 863-4780
Hotel Seward 221 5th Avenue (map) Seward 907-224-8001
Marina Motel Mile 1 Seward Highway (1603 Seward Hwy) (map) Seward 907-224-5518
Murphy's Motel 911 4th Avenue (map) Seward 907-224-8090
Oceanfront Inn 14150 Beach Drive (map) Seward 907-224-5699
Seward Sea Treasures Inn 236 6th Avenue (map) Seward 907-224-7667
Seward Windsong Lodge Mile 0.5 Herman Leirer (Exit Glacier Road) (map) Seward 907-224-7116
Taroka Motel 233 3rd Avenue (map) Seward 907-224-8975
The Breeze Inn 303 North Harbor Street (map) Seward 907-224-5238
The Van Gilder Hotel 308 Adams Street (map) Seward 907-224-3079

I hope this list of hotels in Seward, Alaska is helpful. If you find anything that is out of date, please let me know, and I'll be glad to update it.

Also, if you'd like even more Seward lodging choices, please see my Seward, Alaska lodging information page.

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