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Seward, Alaska lodging information

May 26, 2009

Seward, Alaska lodging information: Wow, I've spent over a month of my life in Seward, Alaska, and now I live just up the road in Palmer, Alaska, but I had no idea there were so many lodging choices in this quaint little Alaska town.

Suffice it to say, many Seward lodging choices are well hidden. As I was thumbing through some Alaska travel guides I kept finding more and more Seward Alaska lodging choices, so I thought I'd take a little time to collect them all together, and put them on a web page here.

To date I've stayed in six different motels, hotels, and B&Bs in Seward, and been scared off by a few others, and over time I'll try to share more of my opinions here.

Seward, Alaska lodging - Types of lodging

Here then is my Seward Alaska lodging information. I've broken the lodging options into the following categories to make things easier to find:

Seward, Alaska Bed and Breakfast

If you like Bed and Breakfast options while traveling, there is a large selection of Seward B&B options to choose from:

Name Address 1 City Phone
A Fern Gully Forest Retreat 13434 Cherrywood Drive (map) Seward 907-224-8907
A Steller B&B 11952 Old Exit Glacier Road (map) Seward 907-224-7294
Adams Street Bed & Breakfast 611 Adam Street (map) Seward 907-224-8879
Alaska Glacier Creek Lodging 33502 Vinewood Lane (map) Seward 907-362-1584
Alaska Sportsmens Club 32936 Myrtlewood Circle (map) Seward 907-321-8886
Alaska's Otter House B&B 319 Ballaine Blvd (map) Seward 907-351-9138
Alaska's Point of View B&B 513 3rd Avenue (map) Seward 907-224-2424
Alaska's Stoney Creek Inn 33422 Stoney Creek Avenue (map) Seward 907-224-3940
Alaska's Treehouse B&B 14593 Rain Forest Circle (map) Seward 907-224-3867
Arctic Paradise B&B and Stained Glass 515 6th Avenue (map) Seward 907-224-5898
Ballaine House Lodging 437 3rd Avenue (map) Seward 907-224-2362
Bay Vista B&B 2000 Phoenix Road (map) Seward 907-224-5880
Bear Lake Lodgings B&B 33820 Bear Lake Road (map) Seward 907-224-2288
Bear Paw Lodge 10411 Bear Paw Drive (map) Seward 907-224-3960
Bear Ridge B&B 1901 Dora Way (map) Seward 907-224-4737
Bear's Den B&B 221 Bear Drive (map) Seward 907-224-3788
Bell in the Woods B&B 13881 Bruno Road (map) Seward 907-224-7271
Benson B&B 209 Benson (map) Seward 907-224-5290
Berry Patch B & B 14247 Victor Drive (map) Seward 907-491-0164
Brass Lantern B & B 331 2nd Avenue (map) Seward 907-224-3419
Camai House B&B 2503 Cedar Street (map) Seward 907-224-3222
Che'nai Charters & B&B 200 Marathon Drive (map) Seward 907-224-8766
Falls Inn B&B 1103 2nd Street (map) Seward 907-224-5790
Farm B&B Inn 11828 Salmon Creek Road (map) Seward 907-224-5691
Harmony Bed & Breakfast 2411 Spruce Street (map) Seward 907-224-3661
Kim's Forest B & B 33780 Bear Lake Road (map) Seward 907-224-7632
Le Barn Appetit 11786 Old Exit Glacier Road (map) Seward 907-224-8706
Linda Lou's B&B 2409 Elm (map) Seward 907-224-5502
Log Dreamin' B&B 11694 Willow Drive (map) Seward 907-224-5410
Northern Nights B&B 225 6th Avenue (map) Seward 907-224-5688
Perpetual Kettle B&B 13296 Bruno Road (map) Seward 907-491-1527
Rose & Moss-An English Lodge 12286 Lancelot Drive (map) Seward 907-224-3411
Seward Waterfront Lodging 550 Railway Avenue (map) Seward 907-224-5563
Soo's B&B 810 2nd Avenue (map) Seward 907224-3207
Sourdough Sunrise B&B Mile .2 Old Exit Glacier Road (map) Seward 907-224-3600
Wolf Trail B&B 33749 Wolf Trail Lane (map) Seward 907-224-3642

Seward, Alaska Cabins

Or, if you prefer cabins, there are also plenty of Seward, Alaska cabin rentals to choose from:

Name Address 1 City Phone
A Cabin on the Cliff Overlooking Harbor (map) Seward 907-224-2411
Abode Well Cabins 12672 Old Exit Glacier Road (map) Seward 907-224-6788
Alaska Creekside Cabins 11886 Old Exit Glacier Road (map) Seward 907-224-1996
Alaska Glacierview Retreat 32981 Myrtlewood (map) Seward 907-224-3561
Alaska Lighthouse Cottage 311 3rd Avenue (map) Seward 907-362-1948
Andersen's Evergreen Cabin 33954 Tiehacker Road (map) Seward 907-491-0742
Annika's Guesthouse 14765 Willow Drive (map) Seward 907-244-2324
Bear Creek Cabins 33552 Wissamickon Drive (map) Seward 907-224-3405
Box Canyon Cabins LLC 31515 Lois Way (map) Seward 907-224-5046
Cabins Sweet Cabins 33343 Winterset Circle (map) Seward 907-224-7088
Cedar Suite Cabin 33012 Brierwood (map) Seward 907-224-8099
Glacier Creek Guesthouse 33380 Vinewood Lane (map) Seward 907-224-4951
Havenwood Guest House 13670 Oakwood Street (map) Seward 907-224-3261
Kayakers Cove **Need Water Taxi (907-224-5739)** (map) Seward 907-224-8662
Miller's Landing 13880 Beach Drive (map) Seward 907-224-5739
Misty C Cabins 31730 Bronze Avenue (map) Seward 907-224-4891
Moosewood Guest Cabin 33200 Vinewood Lane (map) Seward 907-224-8445
Nick and Beulah's Place 15024 Seward Highway (map) Seward 907-362-1601
Orca Island Cabins Humpy Cove in Resurrection Bay (map) Seward 907-491-1988
Ravenquest Cabins 33104 Stoney Creek Avenue (map) Seward 907-224-8417
River Valley Cabins 12664 Old Exit Glacier Road (map) Seward 907-224-5740
Seward Bayfront Cottage 323 Ballaine Blvd (map) Seward 907-830-1487
Sourdough Sue's Bear Lake Lodging 33940 Tressler Avenue (map) Seward 907-224-5914
Victorian Serenity By The Sea 14000 Shady Lane (map) Seward 907-224-3635

Seward, Alaska Hostels

There are several hostels in Seward, Alaska to choose from. The only one I'm personally familiar with is the Moby Dick Hostel in Seward, and I enjoyed staying there. (Here is a link to several Moby Dick hostel photos.)

Name Address 1 City Phone
Kate's Roadhouse Mile 5.5 Seward Highway (map) Seward 907-224-5888
Moby Dick Hostel & Lodging 432 3rd Avenue (map) Seward 907-224-7072
Snow River Hostel Mile 16 (map)   907-440-1907

Seward, Alaska Hotels

You'll find Seward hotels in one of two area, either (a) the port area, or (b) the downtown area. You can find the location of each Seward, Alaska hotel using the 'map' links shown below.

Name Address 1 City Phone
A Swan Nest Inn 504 Adams Street (map) Seward 907-224-3080
Alaska Saltwater Lodge 223 6th Avenue (map) Seward 907-224-5271
Alaska's Orca Inn 309 3rd Avenue (map) Seward 907-250-8397
Best Western Edgewater Hotel 202 5th Avenue (map) Seward 907-224-2700
Harborview Inn 804 3rd Avenue (map) Seward 907-224-3217
Holiday Inn Seward Harbor Hotel 1412 4th Avenue (map) Seward 907-224-2550
877 863-4780
Hotel Seward 221 5th Avenue (map) Seward 907-224-8001
Marina Motel Mile 1 Seward Highway (1603 Seward Hwy) (map) Seward 907-224-5518
Murphy's Motel 911 4th Avenue (map) Seward 907-224-8090
Oceanfront Inn 14150 Beach Drive (map) Seward 907-224-5699
Seward Sea Treasures Inn 236 6th Avenue (map) Seward 907-224-7667
Seward Windsong Lodge Mile 0.5 Herman Leirer (Exit Glacier Road) (map) Seward 907-224-7116
Taroka Motel 233 3rd Avenue (map) Seward 907-224-8975
The Breeze Inn 303 North Harbor Street (map) Seward 907-224-5238
The Van Gilder Hotel 308 Adams Street (map) Seward 907-224-3079

Seward, Alaska House Rentals (Home Rentals)

Name Address 1 City Phone
A Harbor Vista Town Home 514 4th Avenue (map) Seward 907-224-2498
Country Moose Inn 33393 Forest Road (map) Seward 907-224-3561
Marathon Terrace Lodging 612 3rd Street (map) Seward 360-317-6985
Seward Beachside Bungalow 609 Monroe Street (map) Seward 907-491-3065

Seward, Alaska Lodges

There are also plenty of Seward, Alaska lodgings choices available as well:

Name Address 1 City Phone
A-1 Trailhead Lodging 13015 Heather Lee Lane (map) Seward 907-224-7611
Cohoe Lodging 2409 Oak (map) Seward 907-224-7653
Exit Glacier Lodge 1/4-mile Exit Glacier Road (Herman Leirer Road) (map) Seward 907-224-6040
Kenai Lake Resort 27121 Seward Highway (map) Seward 907-288-5059
Lost Lake Trailhead Lodge 13093 Hayden Berlin (map) Seward 907-242-9262
Saltwater Safari Company Small Boat Harbor (map) Seward 907-224-5232
Seward Birdhouse 433 5th Avenue (map) Seward 907-224-5620
Seward Military Resort 2305 Dimond Blvd (map) Seward 907-224-5559
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