One Man's Alaska

The Continental Divide

May 17, 2007

(Excerpt from an email with a friend)

Hah, I don't know what the heck the Continental Divide is. I know I drove past it, just don't know what it's supposed to be. (Okay, I just looked it up on Wikipedia ( That's cool, but I can tell you firsthand that a guy can drive right past it without knowing it.)

Here's a funny stat: I've driven about 2,500 miles so far, and taken an average of one picture every five miles.

I'm actually still here in the states, but just barely. I'm in Bellingham, Washington, just a few miles south of the border, trying to find my birth certificate so they'll let me into Canada. I don't need a passport yet, but if I stay in Alaska over the winter and then want to drive back through I'll need one to get back. The laws are in a funky state right now, but early next year you'll need a passport to fly or drive into Canada.

I cross the border tomorrow morning, then it's time to make up some time. Still over 2,000 miles to go -- wow! Hopefully they'll let me through the border, I haven't done this before, so it's cool.

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