One Man's Alaska

Scenery on the way into Stewart, BC

May 19, 2007

Before I get too far away from Stewart I want to note some of the beautiful scenery I saw on the way here.

First, there is some of the spectacular mountain scenery on the drive, and this is actually well before you get to Stewart:

Mountain scene on the way to Stewart, BC

Next, some very deep piles of snow on the winding road that leads into Stewart:

Showing how deep the snow is on the side of the road

That isn't the road that you take driving into Stewart, but a side road that leads off to the left that I noticed. I'm told that they keep a crew of three road engineers in Stewart for the winter to manage the heavy snowfall.

And finally, here's part of the beautiful river that runs along side the road that leads you into Stewart:

The green-toned river running along side the road into Stewart

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