One Man's Alaska

Inside "The Brick"

May 16, 2007

Here's a little video footage from inside The Brick, a saloon in Roslyn, Washington, made famous by the television show Northern Exposure. The video isn't great, but if you're a fan of the show, you might appreciate seeing the differences between the real Brick and the one in the show:

Video from inside The Brick

One thing I didn't capture well is that there is a water trough running along the front of the bar, between the bar itself and the bar stools. I don't remember them ever mentioning anything like that in Northern Exposure.

There's also a back room in The Brick that I don't show much in the video, other than the entrance to it. It's a large room, which seems to be where live bands will play, and people will dance, eat, and drink.

Once you've been at The Brick, you can also appreciate how the bar got its name. If the sign out front doesn't give it away, the fireplace certainly provides another pointer. :)

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