One Man's Alaska

First 24 hours in Canada

May 19, 2007

Notes from my first 24 hours in Canada:

Although all the signs here show things like "$10", they really mean "ten Canadian dollars". In short, some people look at you very unhappily when you start giving them U.S. currency, so I just use my credit card now. (Then there are a few others who gladly take your American money and give you Canadian change without saying anything. Only later do you realize you've been short-changed ~10%.)

ESPN in Canada is spelled TSN. I don't know how that works. "Sports Center" is also spelled "Sports Centre". And the only sport they really cover is hockey.

A&W restaurants are very popular here, not sure why. I used to like A&W when I was young, but this is incredible. I'm going to have to try a Mama or Papa Burger. They even had a Dog 'n Suds restaurant, which I haven't seen in years.

Tim Horton's is the donut place of choice, though amazingly I haven't tried them yet.

The water pressure here is incredible. I turned on a faucet at the A&W restaurant and in a moment the entire bathroom was wet. I walked out to the counter to get a root beer and all the 16-year old girls behind the counter were laughing. I said "If you think this is funny you should see your bathroom." The water pressure at the hotel is similar.

I asked the guy at the hotel counter last night about the traffic in the morning to see if they have a rush hour. He said I shouldn't leave at 5 a.m. because that's when a lot of the logging trucks roll through town. Now that's my idea of a rush hour!

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