One Man's Alaska

Stewart, BC (Glaciers, bears, and wolves)

May 19, 2007

Wow, here are some of the pictures from this incredible area. (I actually took 198 pictures today -- wow!)

First, the estuary where I saw the bald eagle:

The Estuary

The owner of the hotel and liquor store says it's pretty funny to watch the bald eagles try to catch the salmon and lift them out of the water. Usually the salmon are way too heavy, but the eagles don't give up, and they end up getting dunked in the water.

Next, a glacier that I saw as I was coasting into town:

The glacier

Here's one of the bears I saw on this scarily magnificent day:

One of many bears along the way

And one of the wolves:

One of the wolves

There were two wolves, and they were gorgeous! This one was curious, but the other one wanted no part of me and ran off quickly.

And finally, the "hotel and liquor store" where I'm staying:

The place where I’m staying

As funny as the phrase "hotel and liquor store" is to me, this is a very nice place, and the people are also extremely nice.

The only way I can express my feeling being here is "Gosh-darn, this is so freaking incredibly beautiful!" The hotel is only $79 per night, and I may have to stay another day here.

(A little later I sent this email to a friend)

It's soooooo amazing to be able to walk through this totally unexpected estuary, take close-up's of moose, wolves, and bears, or pull up to a glacier and just sit there with nobody else anywhere near you. And all the rivers are rushing right now with this incredible green color. What a buzz!

I thought for sure tonight I was going to be sleeping in my car by the side of the road tonight, next to the river and just across from that glacier, praying that gas was going to somehow find me in the morning, and also praying that the "landslide" warning signs were for some other time of year.

Man, I am *not* going to sleep tonight. This is what I came here for!

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