One Man's Alaska

Sleepless in Tok, Alaska

May 22, 2007

Well, it's almost 12:45am here, and it's still light out. I haven't tried it, but I think you could read a book outside as light as it is. ATM I really do feel like the Al Pacino character in the movie Insomnia.

You think of crazy things at a time like this. I was just recounting all the people I've met on this trip, and that's a cool thing.

I left Louisville on May 8th, and it's now two weeks later -- wow!

The water pressure in all of the hotels recently has been so strong that I've also thought of how to accurately measure the flow rate of the water in the bathtub, how to solve an aerospace problem I ran into in 1991, and I'm still amazed that a Big Mac meal cost $8 yesterday (I only visit McDonald's when I'm traveling, so maybe that's the normal price?)

In closing, I'll say this: It's official, you can indeed read a newspaper outside at 1:30am.

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