One Man's Alaska

Wyoming to Washington

May 15, 2007

Everything has been incredibly beautiful so far, including a long day in Yellowstone yesterday. Amazingly (to me) there's still snow on some parts of the ground in Yellowstone.

I took some crazy route to get to Yellowstone Park; not sure I would recommend it. From I-90, traveling west, I got off at the first exit to Yellowstone in Laurel. I took that road south, going through Cody (where I got my oil changed), and eventually getting to a road that is alternately labeled 16, 20, and 14 as you head into the east entrance of Yellowstone Park.

In retrospect, though I wasn't thrilled with that route, as I look at a map now there only seems to be a few ways to get to Yellowstone, and that one doesn't look too horrible.

That was yesterday. Today was a big travel day, and I covered four states (Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, and Washington). I hope to find the "Twin Peaks" hotel tomorrow and Roslyn, Washington (Cicely, Alaska?) tomorrow.

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