One Man's Alaska

Photos from Hatcher Pass, Part 2

July 10, 2007

I should have taken many pictures before this, but I'll have to get them on my next grocery trip. Here's the first picture, a few of the buildings in the Independence Mine exhibit:

Part of Independence Mine

This one is from the parking lot near Independence Mine. It's unremarkable, except the fog was rolling in from right-to-left at about 15 miles per hour. I've never seen fog move so fast:

The fog rolling in at 10-15 mph

Once I got up in the mountains I was the only person around for miles. I parked the car several times (just stopping on the road) and looked around. Here I could see the road ahead, winding through the valley:

Part of Hatcher Pass, where you can see the road ahead

Just when things can't get any more beautiful you run into an incredibly beautiful lake, with a little snow on the mountain side just to show off. Did I mention the part where there wasn't another human being around for miles and miles?

A beautiful lake along the road

Finally, here's part of a river where I stopped and had a picnic. This was near the end of the ride, closer to Willow than Wasilla:

Part of the river, closer to Willow than Wasilla

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