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Motels in Dease Lake, British Columbia

March 21, 2010

There are two motels in Dease Lake, British Columbia. One motel is the one I'm staying at, the Northway Motor Inn. I need to venture out again to find out the name of the second motel.

The Northway Motor Inn in Dease Lake, British Columbia

The Northway Motor Inn here in Dease Lake has been very nice. There is no coffee maker or microwave in the room, but other than that, the motel is very clean, my room is spacious, and the people working here have been very nice to me, especially as I've been stranded here for a few days.

I have absolutely no problem recommending this motel to anyone passing through town that needs a place to stay. If you're driving north through Dease Lake, the Northway will be on your left-hand side, just south of the Petro Canada gas station, and just down the road a few hundred yards.

I don't have any exterior pictures of the motel yet, but I'll try to get one or more photos up here before I leave town. According to a document in the room, the phone number for the Northway Motor Inn is (250) 771-5341.

Follow-up: We had a lot of guests at the motel last night, and the bathroom water temperature was a problem this morning, going back and forth between hot and cold quite a bit. I think the problem is that everyone in the motel is with the traveling "court circuit", so they all get up, shower, and leave at the same time. On a normal night, when everyone's morning schedule varies a little bit, this probably won't be such a big problem, but this morning taking a shower was quite an event, dodging the hot and cold blasts as they happened.

The other Dease Lake motel

As mentioned I'll try to get information about the other motel here in Dease Lake.

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