One Man's Alaska

Day 7: Prince George, British Columbia

March 14, 2010

Today was a short drive of about 260 miles (444 km), and I landed at a much better-looking Sandman hotel here in Prince George. The short drive was intentional; I want to take care of some business in this relatively large city -- laundry, oil change, gas cans, etc. -- and then take off to Prince Rupert or perhaps Stewart tomorrow for a little sight-seeing. I'm a little road weary, and a day of fooling around sounds like a good break.

After getting some Canadian coins from the front desk, I did two loads of laundry in the basement facilities here. After that, I had dinner tonight at a Denny's restaurant attached to the hotel. After eating nothing but carbs and fast food on this trip, a chicken salad tonight was excellent.

I just exchanged some more American currency for Canadian currency, and I look forward to some donuts and fritters at the local Tim Horton's tomorrow morning!

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