One Man's Alaska

Day 14: Food prices in Dease Lake, British Columbia

March 21, 2010

While I remain more or less stranded here in Dease Lake, British Columbia, I thought I'd share some of the crazy prices from the gasoline station and grocery store here in Dease Lake:

I'll try to share more interesting prices here as I find them, but I think those will give you the general idea of what things cost here. I don't know how the locals afford these prices on an everyday basis. I'll see what I can find out.

Plan to get back on the road

If I haven't mentioned it yet, my plan for getting back on the road was to order some winter tires through a local repairman, a nice man named Bill. He called a supplier in a city named Terrace, and the new tires are supposed to be here Tuesday. Bill tells me he'll get the tires put on as soon as they get here, and I'll be able to get on the road either Tuesday or Wednesday, depending on the timing of everything.

I'm starting to go a little stir-crazy in the motel room, not from the smallness of the room, but because of the discomfort. I've been trying to work on my websites, and it's gotten to a point where it's hard to get comfortable on any of these chairs or the bed. I keep telling myself to hang in there, but I'll probably lose it soon. I did go for an afternoon walk yesterday down by Allan Lake, and I'll do the same thing again this afternoon.

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