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The court circuit is coming to Dease Lake, British Columbia

March 21, 2010

How cool, a thing called the "court circuit" is coming through Dease Lake, British Columbia during the next few days. I'm told that the court circuit is basically a traveling court. They come into town, hear the trials of all the legal cases that have happened in this area, and then they leave town.

My understanding is that they will arrive tonight (Monday night), and leave in two or three days, either Wednesday or Thursday (I'm not sure exactly). The policemen involved in the legal cases also have to come into town, as well as anyone involved in the trials that don't live here.

The people at the motel called to warn me about all the extra vehicles that will be here, and that it might get noisy Tuesday night. Apparently the people that travel have a "pot luck" dinner every Tuesday night in one of the kitchenettes in the motel, and it can get a little loud.

If I remember right, the court is set up in the local school, which is just a few blocks from here. If I wasn't trying to get my work done from the motel room I might see if I can attend one or more of the trials ... who knows, I may yet try.

As a side note, there was a wonderful Northern Exposure episode about this type of court system. Mike defended Chris Stevens in a case by arguing the concept of "identity", which was pretty funny, while the female judge showed her humanity in some conversations with Ruth Anne.

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