One Man's Alaska

Insurance, again

May 31, 2007

The insurance situation hasn't gone away yet. I now have to take a letter that the insurance company mailed to me (which was then faxed to me here in Anchorage), and send it to them with a cover letter stating that I want to apply for the Kentucky Continuation Plan. WTF! This is the same insurance company that I have insurance with today.

Why is it that I can call them up 53 times and tell them I want to apply for this, and they can do a ton of work to mail me some forms and pay for the paper, postage, and labor, but I just can't tell them on the phone "I want to be on the Kentucky Continuation Plan", or better yet, do this through a web site??? If this is HIPAA in action America is pretty screwed.

Sorry for the language, this just pisses me off.

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