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Anchorage airport landing strip

May 29, 2007

I found the end of a landing strip for the Anchorage airport tonight. My hearing hasn't been the same since. (What???)

There's a 12-mile walking/biking trail in Anchorage, and somewhere along the line I found the end of the strip.

It's neat to watch the planes come in one after the other. The 727 wasn't too bad, but the plane w/ the four engines on the wings was incredibly loud. After that one I found some cotton in an aspirin bottle and plugged up my ears.

Under a 727

This one resulted in a painful four-engine shot to the right ear:

A four engine shot to the right ear

And here's what a couple of planes look like when they're bearing down on you and Anchorage International (Ted Stevens) airport:

Two planes bearing in on the Ted Stevens airport

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