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The Dana Stabenow Kate Shugak tv series

February 20, 2011

Dana Stabenow news: In this, my first winter in Alaska, I've been reading the Dana Stabenow "Kate Shugak" mystery series, and for some reason this morning I was reminded that there was an effort to make a Kate Shugak tv series. As I Google'd to find out what might be going on, I ran across this tv series page on Ms. Stabenow's website.

Digging a little further, the most recent news I've been able to find about the Kate Shugak tv series is this random Friday page on Ms. Stabenow's website from June, 2010. As far as I can tell between those two pages, a group named Evergreen Films is going to be developing the show, with filming to be done in Alaska. There are very recent comments in the first link that show that the tv series is still being developed, and the Evergreen website shows the series is in "Pre-Production".

As a software developer, and former teacher of the Unified Modeling Language (UML) and user of Rational Rose, I'm also pleasantly surprised to read that a man named Mike Devlin lives in Alaska and is a co-owner of Evergreen Films. Mr. Devlin was a co-founder of a company named Rational Software, which I knew very well ten years ago.

At this point I still don't own a television, but whenever the Kate Shugak tv series hits the screen I'll definitely check it out. This would have been a long, cold winter without Dana Stabenow's books, and if you've never read a Kate Shugak mystery, I highly recommend them.

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