One Man's Alaska

Murkowski v Miller election update

November 16, 2010

Monday evening, November, 15, 2010: If you count contested ballots in the Murkowski v Miller Alaska senate race, Ms. Murkowski is now ahead by one vote. Not counting those contested ballots, she trails Mr. Miller by, er ... some amount ... sorry, I'm too lazy to do the math tonight.

While I'm feeling pretty lazy, I did find this Alaska Division of Elections web page that contains the current voting tally. I believe those results are updated every night at 6 p.m. Alaska time, so check back every night for the latest results.

Finally, in the quirkiness that is Alaska, some guy named Sid Hill has received eleven write-in votes. As for as I can tell from a Google search, this story about a drunk in Talkeetna also refers to Sidney Hill.

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