One Man's Alaska

Drowning my sorrows in Anchorage

May 30, 2007

I'm currently in Anchorage, sipping on a pitcher of maragaritas. I worked harder to get into Seward, but it was still a no-go, so I've been focusing on Eagle River, Palmer, and Wasilla, three towns just north of Anchorage, and closer to Denali. I've sent out at least 20 emails, maybe 30, with an additional 10-20 phone calls.

Working the leads, the next two options are north to Fairbanks, or southeast to Sitka. (Sip, sip, gulp.)

The only other option I came up w/ is to pry open my wallet and pay for one of these vacation homes at a minimum of $2K/month ... anything to get through this current phase and get on w/ the vacation.

Everyone else wants a one-year lease, so breaking a lease will probably cost the same amount. I think I just need to accept that and move on.

(Sip, gulp ... gulp)

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