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Alaska judge throws out Joe Miller lawsuit

December 11, 2010

Alaska judge throws out Joe Miller senate lawsuit: NPR and other news outlets are reporting that an Alaska judge has thrown out Joe Miller's lawsuit regarding the recent Alaska senate race, specifically his loss to write-in candidate Lisa Murkowski, and the manner in which the Murkowski write-in ballots were accepted.

In one extremely critical statement, the judge states:

"Nowhere does Miller provide facts showing a genuine issue of fraud or election official malfeasance," the judge wrote. "Instead, the majority of the problematic statements included in the affidavits are inadmissible hearsay, speculation and occasional complaints of sarcasm expressed by DOE (Division of Elections) workers."

The judge also adds this statement, which is probably more important than that first statement:

"If the legislature intended that the candidate's name be spelled perfectly in order to count," Carey wrote in his much anticipated ruling, "then the statute would have included such a restrictive requirement."

Ms. Murkowski is calling on Mr. Miller to abandon his lawsuits, and as I've written before, I agree with her. Even if you don't count the misspellings, Ms. Murkowski still won the Alaska Senate race by over 2,000 votes, so IMHO, these lawsuits are a waste of time, and presumably a waste of taxpayer money.

Here's a link to the NPR story.

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