One Man's Alaska

The fever breaks in Seward, AK

May 25, 2007

Well, I wonder if I will always remember today as the day the fever broke? It goes like this:

I'm here in Seward, and this morning I had a dream that we were filming a new season of Northern Exposure, and I was one of two new cast members. On a break the lady that plays Shelly came over, and she was elected to tell me that "I was a good actor, but ...", and they were letting me go. I argued that we already had a few episodes in the can, but in the end I left, very dejected.

So I talked to my grandfather and Bruce Willis about it, and they gave me various pieces of advice, including both "move on" and "go back and give 'em hell" (Die Hard?). (It turns out that Bruce and I are neighbors, and I helped him work on his house as we talked.) (The dream went on, morphing into a dream about a high school friend of mine named Bruce, but I'll skip all that.)

Later, when I woke up, I've found myself a different person than the one who wrote emails yesterday ... it was like "Alaska, yes, I remember being here, but what's all this stuff about living in a dance studio? And why I am staying in this dump of a motel?"

Wow, I can't seem to describe how different I feel today. The best description is that my fever broke, and I'm a different person, maybe the old Al ... but I don't like it very much. I need to get outside and hope things change.

Strange days indeed ... I don't know where I go from here, but that's today's update.

(FWIW, as I remember it the dance studio was in a small building in a residential neighborhood, and I'm going to force myself to call them, but the other ideas strike me as very crazy this morning.)

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