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Seward, Alaska mood pictures

May 26, 2007

Seward, Alaska mood pictures: I put Old Al to work today and got a lot of good "mood pictures" (as a friend called them) from Seward.

The first one is of a boat in the fog from this morning:

A boat in the fog (Seward, Alaska)

Here's a picture I took while as I was driving down Old Exit Glacier Road in Seward:

A picture taken while I was walking (Seward, Alaska)

This is a picture of Exit Glacier in Seward, Alaska, taken from a place where I shouldn't have been standing:

Glacier picture (Seward, Alaska)

As always happens when you do something like that a ranger is down at the bottom waiting to greet you. Since everyone else was hiking up the side of the glacier I thought I might as well join them. The amazing thing is how much this glacier has receded since the first time I was here in 2003. Global warming is alive and well.

Here's a picture of the Seward wharf/port area, taken from the other side of the bay:

A picture of Seward from the other side of the water

Here's another photo of Resurrection Bay, taken from the other side:

A picture of Seward, Alaska, from the other side of the bay

Finally, here's a picture of a mural on the side of one of the buildings:

A mural from Seward, Alaska

Ah, a man could certainly spend a summer living here in Seward, Alaska, if only he could find a place to rent. :(

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