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Iditarod facts, history, and information

March 11, 2011

Iditarod facts and history: This page is a continual work of progress, but I thought I'd try to put together a nice Iditarod facts and history page. When I first created this page I was getting ready to go to the 2011 Iditarod, so I wanted to learn about the Iditarod race history.

Iditarod history

Here are some bullet points that summarize the Iditard history I've been able to learn so far:

Here’s some information about the 1925 diptheria epidemic in Nome:

Iditarod facts

Here is a collection of Iditarod facts that I've picked up from the official website, the Iditarod Wikipedia page, and the official 2011 Iditarod guide:

Iditarod musher facts:

As mentioned, all of this Iditarod facts and history information comes from three main sources at this time. The Official Iditarod website, the Wikipedia Iditarod page, and the 2011 Official Iditarod Guide that I purchased at the Iditarod restart event this past weekend.

Iditarod facts and history - Summary

I'll try to add more details to this Iditarod facts and history page over time, but right now I have to get ready for something else: We're supposed to have a Northern Lights show tonight, and I need to get on some warm clothes and get outside to see if I can finally see the Northern Lights!

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