One Man's Alaska

The Glenn Highway and Matanuska Glacier

July 1, 2011

Here are two photos I took during my "joy ride" on the Glenn Highway yesterday afternoon. As I may have mentioned yesterday, I took the afternoon off, hopped in my car here in Palmer, Alaska, and drove north along the Glenn Highway. This drive is probably my third-favorite drive in Alaska at this time, and here's why.

First, here's a view from a cliff on the side of the Glenn Highway. I'm not sure exactly where this was, but it was probably between mile markers 60 and 90:

The Glenn Highway, Alaska, North of Palmer

Next, here's a view of the Matanuska Glacier. This is a little farther north on the road, near mile marker 100:

The Matanuska Glacier, Alaska, 2011

Oh, and as usual, every time I drive this road I see at least one moose, and yesterday was no exception. This time the moose was just standing on the side of the road, eating something, and watching the cars and RVs go by. He reminded me of the moose at the beginning of the Northern Exposure tv episodes, where he's standing in the middle of downtown Cicely, Alaska, and keeps turning his head to look around at the town.

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