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Palmer, Alaska Saturday shopping deal - 1/2 price baked goods

March 5, 2011

Even though I seem to be working on getting a cold ("I'm not getting sick, I'm not getting sick"), the weather here is so gorgeous I had to go for a walk today, and on my usual "Modified Jared Walk" (instead of walking to Subway I walk to the bakery) I learned that every Saturday afternoon is half-price time at the Sugar Shack Bakery here in Palmer.

All baked goods -- including those wonderful sweet things and the fresh-baked bread -- are half-price from noon until 3pm. For instance, that Bear Claw that I just ate was only forty-nine cents, and a loaf of bread that is usually $2.49 or $2.99 (I can't remember the exact price) is only $1.24 or $1.49; either way, that's an awesome deal.

I don't know the name of the girl/woman who works there, but she's always been very nice to me, and the baked goods are awesome, so check out the Sugar Shack Bakery in Palmer, Alaska. It's on the right-hand side of Evergreen Road as you drive into the downtown area. You'll thank me later. :)

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