One Man's Alaska

Alaska winter snow, coming soon

February 17, 2011

I just checked the weather forecast to see what our skies would look like as a huge solar flare is being shot at us, courtesy of the Sun, and it turns out we're about to get anywhere up to 16" of snow in the next thirty-six hours here in the Mat-Su Valley (Palmer and Wasilla, Alaska).

Normally I'd welcome snow with open arms, but with this enormous solar flare coming at us, I'd much rather see some terrific northern lights. To that end, I'm just about to check the weather for Tok, Alaska. If it looks like they're going to have clear skies I may just pack up the car and drive up there for a few days.

If that doesn't look too promising I'll just stay here in Palmer, Alaska and enjoy the snow. One nice thing about snow here is that it makes the mountains look even bigger. I think they call this a "win-win" situation!

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