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A Friday Fling in Palmer, Alaska featuring the Carhartt Brothers

July 23, 2011

Not much to say today, but here's a short video clip from yesterday's "Friday Fling" here in Palmer, Alaska:

Palmer, Alaska "Friday Fling"

A Friday Fling, as I've learned, is an open market here in Palmer. Local people sell some of the goods shown in this video, and there's also food available, with some differences in food each week. For instance, I walked up yesterday hoping to get a gyros sandwich, but the gyros vendor wasn't here this week. (Sadly, I walked down to Rusty's at Dahlia Street and had a very disappointing lunch, so I can't recommend it.)

The band playing is known as the Carhartt Brothers (who are named Bob, Bob, and yes, Bob). They're not actually brothers, but three guys that enjoy playing music, and they like their Carhartts (a very popular brand of clothes up here).

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