One Man's Alaska

No signs about bridges freezing before roads

January 9, 2011

Sorry I haven't taken any time to post updates here lately, I've been very busy. I'm trying to finish getting my "How I Sold My Business, A Personal Diary" book fully published online. Hopefully that will be completed soon, but it will most likely be offline most of the day today.

I'm also trying to set up my new Mat-Su Valley Programming and Web Design website. That won't be finished any time soon. And I'm also trying to finish my new web application, which will be available at by the end of January.

In the meantime I leave you with today's observation about living in Alaska, which I was reminded of as I slid around the streets of Alaska on New Year's Eve:

In the Lower-48, when you approach a bridge, you'll often see a sign that says "Bridges freeze before roads." In Alaska there are no such signs. It's more like, "It's all frozen, deal with it."

And with that, I'll be going back to work now.

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