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Places I've lived before

March 2, 2011

As part of this whole ongoing Alaska winter thing, I was just thinking that this is easily the longest winter of my life. As part of that thought process I thought I'd share a list of all the places I've lived before. Each of these places has definitely had a shorter winter than Alaska, and in places like Texas and Alabama, a much, much shorter winter.

Here then is the short list of cities and states I've lived in:

  1. Chicago, IL
  2. Lake Zurich, IL
  3. Barrington, IL
  4. Owensboro, KY
  5. Louisville, KY
  6. Lake Zurich, IL
  7. College Station, TX
  8. Manassas, VA
  9. Sheffield, AL
  10. Florence, AL
  11. Louisville, KY
  12. Simpsonville, KY
  13. Talkeetna, AK
  14. Louisville, KY
  15. Wasilla, AK
  16. Palmer, AK

There have actually been a lot of smaller moves within these cities I haven't shown. For instance, in Kentucky I think I had six or seven different addresses, and I didn't bother to list those smaller moves here. Virginia involved a lot of moves in a different way, as I lived in two different parts of Manassas, but worked in Gainesville, Fairfax, Vienna, Annandale, and spent time in Tysons Corner. And while living in three different places in Alabama, I worked in Iuka, Mississippi, on a NASA project known as "ASRM", or Advanced Shuttle Rocket Motor.

Besides living in these different places I know I've also spent at least one and a half years sleeping in hotels, but no, I won't bother listing all those here. Besides being in most states in the U.S., that also includes time in Canada, Mexico, and England.

I lived in Texas for three years, and I can only recall one winter where we had snow and ice, and it was most notable for two things. First, I worked the midnight shift at a grocery store, and when it snowed in the morning, several of us went outside and had a snowball fight. Second, I got to watch a policeman slide through an intersection because he didn't know how to drive on snow. I don't know about him, but I thought it was pretty humorous.

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