One Man's Alaska

Single digits, high winds, library books due

November 16, 2010

Well, other than being here, nothing describes our current weather quite like a photo, in this case an image of our local weather report:

Wasilla, Alaska weather, November 16, 2010, cold and windy

Single digit temperatures and winds of 40 to 65 mph sounds pretty cold to me. Indeed, the "free heat" that comes with this apartment couldn't keep up with the cold this morning, and I had to bundle up just to get out of bed.

As I work from home, this normally wouldn't be a huge deal, I might just stay inside and avoid the bad weather, but alas, my library books are due today, and I also have a lot going on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, so I'll have to tough it out just like everyone else. Brrr...

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