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Joe Miller filing lawsuits in Alaska Senator campaign

November 12, 2010

Sigh, I'm very disappointed in humanity to read that Joe Miller has already filed one lawsuit in regards to the Alaska senate race in his campaign against Lisa Murkowski. While the Murkowski write-in ballots are still being counted, he has already filed one lawsuit because the campaign officials are allowing minor misspellings of "Murkowski", and he intends to file a second lawsuit to order state officials to hand over to his campaign voter rolls so they can be compared against the ballots (according to reports).

Maybe it's just the engineer in me, but if something like 89% of the write-in ballots have correctly spelled the name "Murkowski", Mr. Miller's first lawsuit is irrelevant, and a waste of time and money. (Maybe this is a difference between an engineer's brain and a lawyer's brain?) His second planned lawsuit actually makes more sense to me; you want to make sure people who are writing in are registered voters (which is what I assume that lawsuit means).

Counting on the write-in ballots for the Alaska senate campaign is expected to continue through the weekend. So far approximately 45,000 of 91,000 ballots have been counted, and Ms. Murkowski has been awarded 98% of those write-in votes.

You can read more about this in today's story in the Anchorage Daily News.

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