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I need warmer everything

November 2, 2010

I woke up at 6 o'clock this morning to a steady and fairly heavy snowfall, which made me wonder if this snowfall will affect today's Alaska voting, primarily the Alaska Senate race between Joe Miller (Republican party nominee and Tea Party candidate), Lisa Murkowski (incumbent, Republican primary loser, and write-in candidate), and some other guy (a Democrat, who neighbors tell me has no chance of winning). Personally, I wonder if Miller and Murkowski will split the Republican vote, allowing the other guy to slip in.

All that being said, my real concern this morning is that I need warmer everything: shoes, gloves, long underwear, hats, etc. While I could get away with moderately warm clothing and no winter shoes in Kentucky, it's become very apparent during my recent cold walks on the snowy and icy streets that I'm not in Kansas, er, Kentucky any more. Even the fleece gloves I own, which I thought were reasonably good, are very cool when the wicked winds here in Alaska's Mat-Su Valley blow as hard as they can (often reaching 30 mph).

The one good piece of winter clothing I have is a brand new winter coat, courtesy of a friend who gave me a gift card to REI in Anchorage when I moved up here. (REI is a very nice but insanely expensive outdoor fitness store.) I bought a warm North Face winter coat in April $200 (regularly priced $300+, on sale after last winter). I don't remember the exact numbers, but the coat is supposed to be good to -30 or -50 degrees, and it also comes down well below my waist, which I really like. After losing thirty pounds in June from a stomach problem the coat is a little looser than it was in April, but I just look at that as leaving more room for heavier sweaters, lol.

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