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Anchorage, Alaska pictures: Vacation, Day 7

August 3, 2007

Anchorage, Alaska pictures: The final day of the trip with my mom and aunt lands us back in Anchorage. They're leaving town tonight on a very late flight, so we grabbed a local floatplane tour ride from Rust's Flying Service this morning, followed by a trip to the zoo.

The floatplane ride was about as good as any airplane ride I've ever had: very smooth riding, with water landings so soft you didn't even know you had landed. Our Anchorage plane ride cost $245 per person, but I thought it was well worth it.

Here are a few glacier photos from our plane ride:

First glacier view from float plane ride

This one shows the glacier a little closer. The dark stripe in the middle is from the ground the glacier has torn up and taken with it as it moves along:

Second glacier view from the float plane, near Anchorage

Here's a picture of some of the ice that broke off and is floating in one of the lakes. It probably shows the color of the glacier better than those first two pictures:

Large ice chunks floating in a lake

The Anchorage Zoo consists mostly of local animals that have been wounded in one way or another, mixed with a few other animals from around the world. I love polar bears, so here are two polar bear pictures:

Polar bear at the Anchorage Zoo

And again:

Polar bear at the zoo, getting a drink of water

And finally a brown bear at the zoo. Gotta dig those long fingernails.

Brown bear at the Anchorage Zoo

I hope you've enjoyed these Anchorage, Alaska pictures. I also hope you'll consider visiting Alaska on your next vacation!

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