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Talkeetna, Alaska hostel information

July 17, 2010

I lived in Talkeetna, Alaska for nearly six months in 2007 -- just across the street from the Talkeetna Hostel -- and I still visit there as often as I can. For me, it's my adopted home town, and I may move back there in the fall. I haven't stayed in all the Talkeetna lodging locations -- and new options keep popping up every year -- but I do know many of them very well.

Talkeetna Hostel sign

Talkeetna Hostel information

So, in an effort to share this information, here is some Talkeetna, Alaska hostel information, including phone numbers and map locations.

Talkeetna, Alaska Hostels

Name Address 1 City Phone
House of Seven Trees 101 Main Street (map) Talkeetna 907-733-7733
Talkeetna Hostel I Street (map) Talkeetna 907-733-4678

I hope this list of Talkeetna, Alaska hostel information is helpful. If you find anything that is out of date, please let me know, and I'll be glad to update it.

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