One Man's Alaska

Squirrel in the car

August 13, 2007

"Squirrel, what are you doing in the car?!"

Squirrel looks up from his sniffing around in the car. "Oh, hi Al. The doors were open, so I thought maybe you had some Cheerios in here for me."

"No, I'm just trying to make sure the car is dried out after the water leaks."

"Ahh, gotcha. Hey, I got an idea" Squirrel says, jumping up on the front passenger seat. "Why don't we go for a ride around town? All those other people drive around with their dogs, why you'd be the only one riding around with a squirrel! All the tourists would take pictures of us, they'd probably feed me, and you'd be known as the squirrel-man of Talkeetna."

"Um, thanks, but no, I think I'll pass on that."

"Gosh, you never take me anywhere."

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