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Email to the Talkeetna cabin owners

May 31, 2007

After receiving the email earlier from the owners of the cabin in Talkeetna, I tried to call them a little while ago, but had to leave a message. So, I decided to follow that call up with this email message:

First, sorry, this is a little long-winded. I'm just trying to explain my situation.

Next, wow, you guys really caught me by surprise. I didn't call you last night b/c I got in pretty late after looking at a lot of property, and didn't know if it was too late to call (~9pm). Then I saw an email from (the current renters names), and it sounded like they weren't going to be able to move out much earlier than July 1st.

This morning I just told myself to give up on the idea. Before I left I sent (the current renters) an email and let her know that the option of renting your home was going to cost about $11K ($3,500+ for me to find hotels to rent in June, plus at least 10 month's rent with you, plus utilities (so, realistically, it's more like $12K)), plus I'd have to put off the writing until July, and that wasn't going to work too well.

Things weren't going well again today, and thoughts of just going home were in my mind, and then right at the end of the day I found a small house that looks really nice from the outside, but I can't see the inside until Friday. It is in the woods a little, like yours, and costs $1,250/month (plus electric) on a month-to-month basis. I was hoping that might work out, and then I saw your email when I returned.

I don't know if that helps, but that's where I am.

If you're property is still available, yes, I'm very interested, I'm just torn by this other opportunity as well. From what I've seen I like your property (and town) better, but this other one being month-to-month makes it significantly less expensive.

I'm not sure what else to say ... I'll see if I can look inside this other home on Thursday instead of Friday to try to move things along.

(Also, I haven't written any of this to negotiate with you, I'm just trying to explain my situation. If your property is still available it seems like a choice between a more expensive property that I really like, and a less expensive property I don't fully know yet, and I'm fine with that choice.)

Also, my phone number is xxx-xxx-xxxx. Feel free to call any time. I've gotten in the habit of turning it off when I go to sleep.

Thanks for all your help,


Wow, what a crazy time it has been lately. At least I feel like I now have two choices I can live with. I just need to make sure I don't somehow lose them both.

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