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Ongoing saga of the squirrel

July 11, 2007

The squirrel still comes by and visits at least once a day, usually 2-3 times. Most days I can stand out there while he eats my Cheerios, other times he jumps in a tree and just starts screaming. And if there isn't anything for him to eat he tells me about that too.

I think the screaming days are actually related to the black cat more than they are to me. Last night I was standing outside and relaxing when I realized the black cat was beneath the porch. It ran away when it saw me, and ran right to an area where the squirrel was. So the squirrel flew up a tree and did his screaming thing for a while. I'll have to record the screaming/barking next time he does it.

The squirrel does get uncomfortable when he's out there and I go to put food on the railing, but I think it's because when I do that I essentially trap him in the corner of the deck. He has no way out if the cat comes by, so I'm not going to feed him that way any more.

As long as he has a way out I can stand there and watch him, or walk in and out of the house, and he just sits there and eats.

I just realized I have a picture of him. I took this picture during all the fires around here, so it has a yellowish tint to it (from all the smoke/ashes in the air).

The squirrel eating the Cheerios

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