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Yoga in Wasilla, Alaska

September 18, 2010

Looking for yoga classes/studios in Wasilla, Alaska? I just happen to live in Wasilla, and here are the studios I've seen while driving around, and also in the local papers.

The Anjali Yoga Room

I drive past the Anjali Yoga Room, and you'll probably find me at their classes very soon. They're located at 280 North Main Street in "downtown" Wasilla, Alaska. You can call them at 907-373-9644. Their prices seem reasonable, at $12/hour, or $15 for a 1.5 hour class.

Blue Mountains Wellness Studio (Palmer)

The Blue Mountains Wellness Studio in Palmer also offers a variety of Yoga classes at reasonable prices. They're located at 1220 S. Chugach Street in Palmer, and their phone number is 907-745-9050.


I hesitate to mention this last Yoga location because it comes across as the most commercial Yoga operation I've ever seen, but Twist is located at 3941 South Birch Cove Drive in Wasilla, Alaska, and their phone number is 907-376-yoga.

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