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Palmer, Alaska average high temperatures reaching thirty degrees

March 11, 2011

While checking out the Palmer, Alaska weather forecast for tonight, I followed a link to this web page which shows our average high temperatures are now entering the thirty degree range.

I was wondering about this in part because I was joking with my family yesterday that Spring in Alaska is on June 20th, Summer is June 21st, and Fall is June 22nd. Also, while chasing the northern lights last night I was really cold, but today it's sunny and pleasantly warm, probably in the twenties right now.

Finally, in case you think I've been whining too much about the winds here in Palmer, Alaska, here is a graph from that same web page showing what the winds have been like over the last few weeks:

2011 March winds, Palmer, Alaska

Add some big winds on there for the last four days of February and that's what it's been like here.

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