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At least three Greek restaurants in Wasilla

April 19, 2010

Cool, I've found at least three Greek restaurants here in Wasilla so far:

Evangelo's is a large Greek restaurant that you can hardly miss seeing when you drive through Wasilla on the Parks Highway. I'm sure their location gets them a lot of business, but I haven't been there yet.

I've written about Sophia's KafeNeo before, so here I'll just say that it's a nice, small, informal Greek restaurant on the Palmer-Wasilla Highway. Technically I think it's actually located in Palmer, but it's a very short drive from downtown Wasilla.

I don't know for sure that Piccolino's is really Greek, but when I mentioned Evangelos to a few people and said I was looking for a Greek restaurant, they mentioned Piccolino's (and also the Grape Tap).

I just looked up the Grape Tap, and it looks like they now have a decent website (I think they had an older website just last week), so I can confirm that their menu is tapas-style and not Greek, but hey, it still looks very good.

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