One Man's Alaska

A Robin Williams story related to the movie "Insomnia"

August 17, 2014

When I drove up to Alaska for the first time, way back in 2007, I stopped at a little restaurant in a small town in Canada, and learned the story I wrote about on this photo. On a related note, if you’ve never seen the movie Insomnia, I recommend it. Robin Williams doesn’t play a nice guy in the movie, but he does a great job in portraying the character.

Robin Williams visited a small town in Canada while filming the movie Insomnia

(Full story: In 2002, my wife and I planned to take a “cool” summer vacation in Colorado, but Colorado was hit hard by wildfires at the time, so it was even hotter than it was in Kentucky, where I lived at the time. We just happened to rent the movie Insomnia, and after watching it, we decided to go to Alaska for the first time.)

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