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Radio Free Palmer

February 1, 2011

I haven't figured out exactly what Radio Free Palmer is, but I just learned about them when I saw that they offered free internet access at one of the local coffee shops (Vagabond Blues).

According to their website, Radio Free Palmer:

is a non-profit formed to establish, develop and operate an educational community radio station in the Palmer area to facilitate building an informed, involved, diverse and reflective community and to provide broad citizen access and participation in radio.

At the moment I don't own a radio, so I can't just turn one on and listen to them, but wait ... yes, they do offer streaming radio services and podcasts on their website. Very cool, I'll give them a spin shortly.

Why wait? Because right now, it's time to do the laundry. :)

Radio Free Palmer Update: February 19, 2011

As a quick update here, I met one of the people behind Radio Free Palmer earlier this week, and it sounds like they have some interesting plans. They hope to have a new radio station online here in Palmer, Alaska by either June or July (sorry, I don't remember which), and because they aren't trying to be a "for-profit" radio station, they hope to offer different content than what you'll find on a typical for-profit radio station.

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